Break from your burdens. 

Break from flaws, shortcomings, defects, imperfections, and disappointments.   

Break away from current understandings and misunderstandings.

Break free from the suffocation of common decencies. 

Break stubbornness. 

Break out from the comfort of ignorance.

Break from doubt, defeat, the human pace, and fear.

Break through the lies which shape urgent needs.

Break the focus on insufficiency, or the pride of sufficiency. 

Break out from under the layers of protection, because they are really layers of prevention.

Claim brokenness.  Strive for brokenness.  Accept brokenness.  It’s the only way to see beyond the present senses and into the true reality.

Break!  It only looks scary to the human eyes.  It’s only a threat to the things that were powerless anyway.  It is only foolishness according to the things that won’t last.  It is only painful for the things that aren’t eternally useful.

Break!  Because we weren’t designed to carry the weight and consequence of separation.

Break!  Because when everything begins to break, we discover the only thing which cannot break.

Break!  Because the voice from our wilderness will teach that the prepared way of the Lord is a street of rubble—and He will only be triumphant in the hearts who cry out “Save us!”

Break!  For He finds His way in through the holes of our wounds; and His eternity fills our piercings.

Break!  Because His light shines through the cracks of our brokenness.  So break in as many places as possible. 

Break until there is nothing left to break.

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