The Seer

This one is for the Drama Geeks, because nothing makes the rest of the population more uncomfortable than a dramatic monologue.  The following is a conversation between two people, but the script was written for just the one part.  Anyone know if there’s a name for that kind of thing?  Anyway:


The Seer: A Conversation-Monologue


Hello, my friend!  It is so good to see you.  Please come in!


(The Seer welcomes the Visitor in)


I’ve been looking forward to today.  May I take your bags and coat?  I’ll put them right over there.


(The Seer takes the bags and returns to the Visitor)


Oh, I’m so glad you’re here.  I know how much trouble it can be, but I am so exited you came.  Would you like to look around?


(Pauses for the Visitor’s reply)


Of course—you’ve had quite the trip.  Please, take a load off.  Have a seat—there’s a great view of the town square from here.  Feel free to put your feet up.  How was your trip?


(Listening to the Visitor)


I love people watching, too.  And you’re exactly right, this town is known for a little bit of everything: artists, philosophers; teachers, students; liberal, conservative; new and old…  There wasn’t always such a broad spectrum, but we’re the better for it.


I’ve had this place forever—just off the square, to be close to everything.  I’m glad you found the entrance.  It’s fairly modest because I wanted people to feel comfortable approaching it; but you’d be surprised of the irony: it’s such a simple door, that no one seems to find it in the first place.


I know you’ve got some questions, but would you like some tea first?  Cucumber water?  Anything you want…  Kombucha, coffee, lavender soda…


(A pause to listen for the Visitor’s request)


I sure do have an orange blossom + lemon verbena spritzer with a dash of elderflower-infused simple syrup, and a sprig of mint and blackberries for garnish.  Made with fresh ingredients just this morning!


(Silence while the Visitor looks around and then asks some questions about the interior)


Why thank you, yes, that boarder is a frieze, carved quite awhile ago, but I meant to tell a timeless-togetherness type of story with it.  No, no—I didn’t do it myself.  My favorite artist did it for me.  Actually we sort of did it together.


The parquetry flooring?  Yes, painstakingly chiseled and polished and fit together perfectly—so many different shapes and pieces of wood and yet there’s not even the slightest gap between each one—only lines which compose a most beautif—


(Seer is interrupted by a question)


My favorite artist did it!


(Another question)


Oh, that mosaic took quite awhile.  I love how big it is.  Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?  All those colors…  It was done by my f—


…How’d you know?  Yes!  My absolute favorite!


…Who?  Well, all kinds of people.


…Yes you can too have “all favorites”.


(The Seer chuckles endearingly at the youthful, shortsightedness in the Visitor’s retort)


Now.  Would you like to stay here, or would you like to move onto the terrace?  There’s a fantastic view of the countryside.


(Visitor chooses)


Wonderful!  Come with me.


…The tile was hand-painted—


…No, no!—I absolutely love that you notice all these things—and ask about them, too!


…The hallway, yes, real gold in the gilding.


…For sure.  The favorite.  See that painting?  Look closer.  See those brushstrokes?  Each one, confident.  Definitive.  Purposeful.  I love it.


(They walk down a hall, lined with artwork toward a room whose exterior wall consists of single-lite double-doors)


Let me open the doors for you.


Ahhh…  do you smell that?


…Well, let’s see, it’s a combination of grass, fertile dirt, lavender, the bread being baked in the shop on the square…  And also, very faintly, since the breeze is coming from all the way over that mountain range, it’s carrying a bit of an alpine smell.


(A pause to take everything in.  They sit at a table)


I agree.  Very peaceful.  But… you still look tense.


…I don’t know, something about your shoulders, your heavily creased brow, your clenched teeth…  your… knuckles, yo—


…OK, I’ll stop.  How about, you start?


…Those are lemon trees.  Lemon trees!  That’s what else you smell.  Now THAT is my absolute favorite fragrance….  And olive trees.  By the way, I have some olives—


…Yes, fresh Buffalo mozzarella and feta, too.  Tomatoes from right down there, and some fresh figs.  I just happen to have a platter piled with all of those things on the credenza inside.  You enjoy the fragrance of those citrus blossoms while I grab the platter.


(The Seer returns carrying a platter of cheeses, tomatoes, olives, figs…)


My pleasure!  I put some baguette chunks on there, too.  Still warm—I just picked one out at the bakery.


…Yes just now.


…I can be very speedy.


(The Seer offers the platter, and then eats an olive)


Mmm.  Exquisite.  Simple, and exquisite.


Indeed I do have gelato.  The finest quality, too.  But what do you say we leave some room for that later.  My hope is to leave room for something… more important.  We’ll get to the gelato in a bit.


…It’s OK, we can just sit together.


(Another pause)


I agree.  Computers can be very frustrating.


….And that pesky vacuum of yours, too…


Why don’t you tell me why you came today.


…I know, but I like to hear it in your words.


…..Hello?  Did I lose you again?  So many worries…


I have a tissue box here.


…I know, you don’t cry.  It’s not for you, it’s for me.


Tell me.


(The Seer listens.  And weeps).  Oh, my heart.


Yes.  She is …my favorite.  So delicate!  I love that you sing to her every night.


…My heart aches for your friend, too…


…Oh my, that is a lot of money.  That must feel overwhelming…


…So much pressure you put on yourself.


…I’ve noticed that, as well.  Why do you think you feel so low?


(The Seer listens intently, compassionately, and hands the visitor a tissue)


So many things.  So many, many things.


(More quiet)


I mean to tell you something about all of your worries.  I hesitate only because people don’t believe me when I tell them this, and that makes me sad.


May I tell you?  Oh, I hope you’ll believe me.  I have seen what happens with each one of your concerns, and I have such good news that I can’t stop smiling—even though right is…  Well, anyway, do I have you?  Right now?  If I tell you, will you listen?


Listen, now.  Here is the truth:


(Seer leans in, and says quietly):


It all works out.


(The Seer listens to the doubtful but hopeful questioning)


Yes, that works out.


…That, too.


…Something bigger happens there—so big that that becomes a non-issue.


…I’m intimately aware of that.  I knew it was coming, and I’ve had a plan since forever to make sure that that specifically would soon work out to even better than before you saw it seem to come to fall apart.


…You’re seeing it from the other side.  Yes, broken, but I can do far more with brokenness than without.


…I got it.  I have it completely.


It works out in the end!  It ALL works in the end.


…No, the “end” is different than the way you define it.  The beginning is different, than where you’ve pegged it, too.  It’s bigger than what you think.  But whether it works out here or there, does it make a difference to you if it finally does, once and for all?


…Yes, I understand.  Sooner is better than later.  But…  neither sooner nor later are relevant when—


(The Visitor seems to object)


…It will all be OK.  Please believe me.


…Ludicrous, yes.


…Not practical help—it would seem not.


…Ridiculous?  I’ve been told even worse…  but that doesn’t make it any less true.


This is the part where you become a little bit relieved, maybe?  Or… hopeful?  Perhaps you might be willing to entertain a teeny bit of joy in your heart about this?


…But I DO know.


…But I AM here.


…(Seer chuckles) Well, I’m even smarter and stronger than you.


(Silence for awhile)


It all works out in the end.  This is a promise and a guarantee.  Everything.  Every last bit.  Every tiny detail, every concern, every fear, every problem… it is finished.  Resolved.  It all turns into something else that will make you want to jump up and down and do flip flops.


But, my favorite one, in order for you to be OK while everything is being worked out…  You have to believe me, too.


Will you?

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