Immersion Therapy

I got it for a fleeting moment on Sunday.  For a flicker—for a heartbeat—I understood.


The madness of it all is that I already knew it, but I constantly need help actually believing it.


“How do I do life right?” I wonder ceaselessly.  Am I too busy?  Not busy enough?  Am I on the right path?  Am I spending enough time doing the right things?


How do I stay right—live right?


And within the flutter of a moment, on that particular day, I heard,


“You can’t do it wrong.  Everything glorifies me.  You getting messy and me cleaning you glorifies me.  You wandering off and me finding you; you rising and falling, and me picking you up glorifies me.  Your being successful or failing miserably, and still having an honorable place in my kingdom glorifies the Way and the Who that I am.”


And thanks to those evanescent words, I believe for today, that “doing it right” means immersing myself in the moment right now and trusting that, for better or for worse, God is enough to make me right.


What freedom!


I am constantly surprised by how little “rightness” has to do with me.  But I think I am… mature (is that the right word?) enough to begin to embrace that fact.

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