…And I Will Not Look Back

Alright.  Note to self:  God is not a micro-manager.  Notice what is not there when God told Adam to cultivate the land in front of him.  A Farmer’s Almanac would have been nice.


“Cultivate!” he said.  Because he gives us ownership.  He gives us room to try, to think, to learn, to do, and to succeed or fail.  The I AM in every nano-detail gives us space to occupy, as well.


We are not cowering, mindless order-takers.  We have a part to play.


“Eat from any tree!” he said.  Because he gives us freedom.  There was only one tree that wasn’t good for us.  But that one was available, too, if we wanted it.


We are created in the image of God.  We reflect God.  And we were made to reflect his choosing of us.  We have a choice to reciprocate God’s desire of us.


So God planted a choice in the very first garden.


Can you imagine?


The point wasn’t success/failure.  It was to choose God.  The point is to choose a life with God.  The point is that we might have life with God, and have it to the fullest.


If I say it enough I might believe it, myself.


Did you know this?  The point of everything is not about us succeeding or failing in the task before us.


It’s not that these things don’t matter.  It’s that there is really only one thing that does matter.  All else will be worked out.  Every wound will be healed.  All loss will be restored.


The fact that life is not about success or failure is not to say that we should proceed without care.  It is to say that we should proceed without fear.


Because the one thing that life is about does not fail.


So today, I will put my hand to the plow…

3 thoughts on “…And I Will Not Look Back

  1. I found this and several other “valuables” in a junk file. How do things get there??? Barbs blog was there…actually mostly blogs!!! Shoot bother. Just want you to know I love this one!! Thanks!! ❤️

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  2. One of your best. I recently found several blogs in my junk file…????! Just want you to know I rely liked this one. Participation…trust…sweet. ❤️

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