Lean On

Against all logic and reason, I defied efficiency for just long enough.  I gave up the first fruits of my productivity.

I leaned, hoping something bigger would be there.  Sometimes I don’t feel like there is.  But I leaned … and hoped.

I considered the enormous chest of Salvation and leaned toward it.

I remembered that it doesn’t all depend entirely on me—it doesn’t even depend on me actually sensing that something is there.

I saw the ocean in front of me, and the velvety sand underneath me, and leaned up against “bigness”.  I imagined the One who created everything I was looking at; and decided to believe again today, in the ability of that One to restore, and order, and purpose, and make whole, everything—including me.

And I discovered again, that just like everything in the Kingdom of God, all of the grace, and forgiveness, rest, and hope is there—it’s there!—patiently and persistently present, as I make space for it.

As the space in me is made for it.

Working toward fullness in time, He doesn’t ever stop.

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