By Hook or By Crook

I saw something in a church the other day.  Something I hated.  I saw a formal ceremony occurring—one in which the peoples involved proclaim their surrender to Christ.  Only, I suspected an insincere heart inside those standing in their faithful proclamation.

They had no idea what they were doing.

It was a formality.  A positioning strategy, but not, as I saw it, a move where anyone was self-positioning under anything.

The church was asked to stand in support.

“Wrongness!”, I thought to myself over and over.  I wanted to rise up and confront this display of delusion and sickness.  How could I feign even toleration?

The church was then asked to sit back down.

And the second I touched my seat I heard: “By hook or by crook.”

And in the depth of that short phrase, I understood, through the beaming face and the smiling lips of salvation, “Whatever sick, twisted, self-concocted reason anyone takes one step toward me, I will run to them.  For whatever shred of a reason—true or not—anyone turns to me for hope, I will have them and work miracles with that tiny, tiny seed.  You too, are a beneficiary of this kind of love.  There is wrongness everywhere, but have compassion on what you see.”

I suppose there is a time to rise up, and a time to be still.  But clearly, that day, my marching order was one of peace.

So here I sit, quite happily, in the wake of God’s rebuke.  Happily, you say?  Yes, because it is far less miserable to love than to hate.

3 thoughts on “By Hook or By Crook

  1. Oswald Chambers’ readings this week spoke of getting rid of the “huff” and the “whine”. I’m a great huffer and whiner. Similarly rebuked.

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