Take Me to My Leader

I left a town called “Suffering”

“Injustice”, its main square

I never saw the village walls

But knew that they were there


“Loss” was my companion, and

My neighbor was “Despair”

And, oddly, I made peace with them—

With each one’s way and ware


Our lengthy bondage

Made departure strangely bittersweet

“Who left whom?” I wondered

From upon an outside street


Facing a new direction

I left old normal behind

For freedom bartered my release

With itself, in kind


I’ve no ill-will toward that old town

It shaped me true and fair

And, in the end, it posed no threat

Once Christ was made King there


Now, a new city awaits

Cautiously, I draw near

Its walls are built with truth and lies

And surety and fear


Its name is “Busyness”, I’m told

I study its grand gates

If I went in could I get out?

I weigh the unknown fates


Supposing I leapt in with faith

That I’d be held by grace

That from this bustling home-for-now

I could still see God’s face


Oh, what is right? Will I fall prey

To Busyness’s ploys?

Will I hear the voice that saved me

Over all its noise?


Intended place, be known to me!

For I know this One thing:

All is good and right true

If Christ shall be my King

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