A Shameless Plug

Hi Friends,


I’m excited to announce the completion of a decade-long endeavor.  I’ve got a book for sale called Ruins: The Perfect Place to Build Indestructible Life.


It’s for sale in print on Amazon and is also available as an ebook on Kindle.  It can be found under the full title, or simply type in “Ruins Natalie Pagel”.


Here’s the description (you can find this, and also take a peek at many more pages in the book, on Amazon and Kindle):


“All around us are illustrations of life coming from death. Narratives of resurrection, restoration, rebirth, and transformation are everywhere. Even the vast universe came from dark ‘nothing’. Should it be any surprise that this same mystery exists inside our souls? Should it be so unbelievable that something valuable and un-killable might be offered to us, and can only take root once we have been reduced to nothing; or at least, have taken a step out of the way? Despite our avoiding or denying them, life comes with many invitations to take that step out of the way, and to let go of our self-centric understanding and our questing merely for things of temporary value. Shrouded typically in suffering, these invitations come as we finally acknowledge our shortfalls, loss, failure, and disappointment which magnify a need in us, and bring us to a position where we are compelled to choose: shall I build my life upon the things of this world, or might there be something else? Ruins is a story about discovering the ‘something else’ who chose me long before I chose Him—the Creator God—and long before I understood the depths of my need for Him. Best of all, I came to experience that God is good. This truth was made emphatically clear to me though I set out to prove Him as otherwise. This book is a collection of letters and journal entries which narrate a road from scripted religious declarations, to an embedded knowledge of divine Truth. It starts at the point of my ruination, and ends at the inception of the new creation within me which is still taking shape. As accurately as the mind can perceive and record reality, this is mine; though some names and dates have been disguised out of grace toward the ignorance that is in all of us.”


A special thanks to my witty, artsy and wise friend Barbara, over at solongsuburbia.com, for her editing and suggestions which made the book so much better.  Who couldn’t love this woman who coined the phrase “Normal: it’s not a thing.”


Anyway, if you read it, thanks for reading!

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