What is Failure?

Did the early church appear as a failure when it was splintered apart and run into the ground?

Is it a failure when the defense of the Truth ends in a fatal stoning?

Did the prophet fail because no one listened to him?

Was Enoch a failure for lack of a convert despite the many, many years God gave him?

Did Jesus fail paternally as Judas chose darkness in a pivotal moment?

What must those three days before Easter have felt like?

I can hear the whispers coming from my own heart: “Such a shame…  It must not have been meant to be.  Maybe they did it wrong.  Maybe they were wrong.”

It’s amazing what thousands of years of hindsight offers.

For all the things I’ve deemed failures because they didn’t result in my version of success, perhaps I’m not seeing correctly.

The world has very accurate instruments and systems for determining the success of a person, if indeed I’m out to do right by the world.

I’m not pushing insanity, but I am encouraged in this: as I proceed earnestly, and with all of the hope for the things of God in everyone, my only failure is to not wait on the Lord, and to not speak when He says to speak, or love when He says love.

Am I doing what I see the Father doing?  Then whatever comes of that is in God’s hands.

I was always convicted and inspired by the believer’s prayer in Acts 4, which was essentially “Equip us for your calling” and not “Spare us from any failure”.


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