Universal Truth

Quick. State a Universal Truth.

How long did it take? Maybe forever? The answer is still up for debate, despite the world’s most intelligent, scientific, spiritual and philosophical minds chewing on this concept since it was possible to wonder about it.

Since we can’t agree on what/if there is/are Universal Truths, perhaps we can at least agree on what the definition of a Universal Truth is. See if you at least don’t at least disagree with the following:

• It is something that is factual on this side of the world, and the other.

• A universal truth is today’s reality, and also yesterday’s and tomorrow’s reality.

• Like gravity, it exists whether it can be seen or not—whether it is believed personally, or scientifically figured out—a universal truth simply IS.

• But unlike gravity, universal truth isn’t limited to this Earth. It is true on Mars, and in the neighboring galaxies and everywhere else, too.

• A universal truth remains truth regardless of any economy or government.

• It exists despite any belief structure or cultural custom.

• If someone wanted to teach from any cross-section of religious texts, one could be certain that universal truth was “is-ing” in that moment, regardless of any inaccurate recording or accurate apprehensions.

• If one knew what the/a universal truth was, they could pick any time in history, or place in nature, and be certain of its existence there.

If you look up “Universal Truth”, you will find there aren’t any listed. Because we aren’t big enough to prove anything that big. We can’t get far enough away from truth to see its entire shape. And we can’t see far enough along to observe its complete linear pattern.

It is impossible to scientifically prove or disprove because we aren’t currently able to go to the ends of the universe, or go back before there was time, or read the fabric of the spiritual dimension.

But if something is universal, then every moment possesses the opportunity for some of it to be observed. And if it is so “everywhere”, you might not even know you’re looking at it.

We have a certain capacity, or a potential, to believe in Truth, but what we fill that capacity up with is completely up to us. There is plenty of freedom and creativity, and also nearsightedness in the mind to paint an inaccurate picture of Truth; and there is plenty of imagination and fear to help us reinforce that picture to an extent. Fortunately, there is a proliferating dose of curiosity in the mind, and need in our souls, compelling us to know more.

As we are universally curious, we can at least observe parts of Truth as we gaze from a finite perspective. We can record and observe that which we can read of the sky and the earth, and of all beings, because if there is Universal Truth, then our whole universe cries out its truth. All around us is a universe of Truth: perhaps buried in the realities of perpetuating life; in order and seeming randomness. There are systems, and seasons. There is transformation, evolution, and adaptation. There is consumption and creation, harmony and separation, power and purpose. There is law and paradox. And somewhere, around it and within it, is Truth.

By definition of the term, I believe that the Universal Truth is God—and the universe is reflective of this Truth: both infinite and expanding. I believe I can say I know Universal Truth. I don’t know all of the Truth (I don’t even know all of my own self), but I know Who it is.

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