If you need a Savior

Blessed are you if you know you need a savior.

Blessed are the guilt-stricken, the needy, the addicted, the betrayed, the crushed, the unable, the sick, the poor…

If you need the Savior, then you shall have Him.

2 thoughts on “If you need a Savior

  1. Yes, and…
    While we were yet sinners — not knowing or wanting a savior, denying any need for such, disdaining God and His Son, flipping-off God and His claim of sovereignty in our lives —
    yes, even right at that point, He died on our behalf, to save us.
    No one knows she/he needs a savior, probably, until after they realize they’re saved.
    I think, also, one can be guilt-stricken, needy, addicted, betrayed, etc. and still flip-off the salvation provided.
    “Blessed are those who know they need a savior,” because their savior has illuminated them to that situation.
    “If you need a savior, then you shall have him,” because He already fulfilled that need.
    Doesn’t the guilt, neediness, inability, poverty, shattered-ness become more intense once it’s illuminated by the light of Redemption?

    Watch out when you get my theological juices going! I get preachy. Then the guilt, inability, and poverty of my spirit shatter me. I think Jesus was talking about all this when He said, Blessed are those who mourn. Sorrow covers everything.

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