One Creator God, in and through all things.

One Creation, moving of its Creator.

One human, made of creation, born of its Creator, one with the God in all things.


One Beloved, woven together with joy. One Beloved, privileged to express and create, reflecting the image of its Creator.

One Beloved, born first to receive; placed in relationship, as its Creator is perfect relationship.

One Beloved, each cell made with intention; not made out of necessity, but made out of love, just as Beloved itself is intended to proliferate. Each cell with its own name, yet each with the same need: oneness with God-in-All-Things. Each with its own ability, yet each for the same final purpose: oneness with God-in-All-Things. Each cell reflecting the cosmic reality: in unity there is Life.

One Beloved, given freedom and choice, as Love frees, and is also a choice.

Beloved chooses separation from its Creator; uniting with un-Life. Reflecting the now-broken relationship with its Creator, it breaks apart within itself; and remains unfulfilled in its state of detachment. Yet the human is sustained, loved, and called to by God-in-All-Things.

The human evolves through the ages, given to and guided through its choice; empowered by Love that Beloved might choose to return. But it doesn’t. All but one fiber has united with un-Life.

Preempting an eternal end to Beloved, the Creator tears and gnashes and violently reduces it down to the one vine left that is rooted in Life. Earth becomes an agent of destruction, as if all of Creation became corrupt by Beloved’s choice. Creator grieves.

Brought into the Age of Rules, Beloved learns the motions of obedience and humility, that the motions might one day be inhabited by innate will, and that these ways would not be foreign to Beloved upon inheriting new Life of God-in-All-Things. The Age exposes Beloved’s temporal truth: alone, it is unable.

Exile leads to surrender in part of the human and prepares it for a New Age. “Beloved, taste and see for yourself, the resurrected and resurrecting nourishment!” The Firstborn dies to death, that all of Beloved would do the same. Forgiven and redeemed once and for all, the human is rescued from an insatiable Law, into that Law now perfectly fulfilled by grace and humility: “Now Beloved, be this higher form of righteousness!” All for the sake of oneness—always oneness.

Where there is humility and will for change, now indwells the Spirit of God-in-All-Things, transforming, enabling, coming to bring Beloved out of un-Life and into oneness with God-in-All-Things.

Beloved endures persecution and encouragement; oppression and enlightenment; holocausts and humanitarianism. The human process unfolds, laced with life and death, that it might choose life, understanding that life without love is not Life at all.

Each cell reflects the story of the whole human, just as Creation reflects the molecules of its makeup. Partly unable, partly willing; partly destitute, partly equipped; partly oppressed, partly free. Beloved, a broken version of the mystical paradox who created it: The Wounded Healer.

Beloved ages into its global eye. The places of poverty in its mind and its world become harder and harder to deny. The Message of peace and compassion magnify amidst theft and destruction.

Existing as one, the whole body can be restored by One, just as one point of sin once infected the whole body.

In the existence of One, Beloved’s prayer is a continuation of the one spoken from its inception. It’s the resounding truth spoken by all of Creation: “Alone, we are unable; in oneness there is Life.” It is the uniting reality of Beloved who is both here, and in the veiled dimension.

In the reality of One, suffering the collective burden is an unavoidable expression of what IS.

In the spirit of One, the perfect reflection of God-in-All-Things is participation in all things, including the least of these things.

In the truth of One, Beloved encourages within itself only that which it wants to live with eternally.

Fiercely, patiently, grace in all forms nurtures Beloved toward its intended identity. Its worlds’ foundations reveal their faults, placations expose their costs, structures fall short, and systems begin to fail, and All Things compel Beloved to cling to Life, desperately.

Gently pushed and pulled by hope, Beloved will resonate with its only Fulfillment; deep will respond to Deep. Beloved will be restored. It will receive, and give, and create with the eternal materials of God-in-All-Things. Mercy, purity and meekness—what was once perceived in Beloved’s youth as weak and overcome, are the very building blocks of new Life.

Beloved will return to its Creator. It will be made perfectly whole. This is the will of God-in-all-things which has happened, will happen, is happening. The relentless certainty of God’s will, which was once the greatest source of frustration for Beloved will be regarded as the greatest reason for peace and gratitude.

Oh, that it would hurry and be restored to its beginning and perfect end. But to rush any age is unnatural. Just as seasons, and grief cycles and the germination process insist that they be respected, Beloved too, matures in trust and patience. All of Beloved may embrace its place in time and each age leading to it, because all are loved, and all will be used, nothing will be wasted in bringing a whole Beloved into oneness with God-in-All-Things.

“I will gather you, Beloved. I will restore your splendor and fortune, and the years where destruction has laid waste. I will replace your ruins with my goodness. I will not leave you behind. I will bring you out of exile into a New Age, marked by complete oneness.

Oh that this would sound good to you—that this would be enough!

Realize your truth: Beloved be one, as I, the Trinity, am one. Be one in me, and I will be one in you, and together, we will be how it was and how it will be:


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