“God is coming!” was the creed

They’d fervently repeat

For just as sure

They knew they were

Without Him, incomplete


Millenniums they’d waited

For solidarity

And peace and gain

And freedom’s reign

And ultimate prosperity


They waited in their temples

With each rite and good deed done

In loss and war

They waited for

Yahweh’s Anointed One


Suddenly, humble willingness

Brought favor from Lord

A readied heart

Let Life impart

It’s fulfilling reward


This lowly hostess, thrilled, said

“Let my mean state not belie,

The Christ’s within!”

She told her friend

“How fortunate am I!”


Then she and these were called home

To count in their heritage

They went despite

The dusty plight

That was their pilgrimage


The modest town they walked toward  

Was their fated destination

But each step more

Carved longing for

A Kingdom revelation


The imminent Emmanuel

Near crowning from the womb

Soon did implore

At His bride’s door

Alas, there was no room


So Love made home of emptiness

The meek, It would adorn

Wrapped in the space

Of commonplace

The Ancient One was born


Heralds burst with gospel news

Some nearby heard them sing

In threads of need

These were indeed

Quite fit to see the King


A band of scholars seeking wisdom

Crossing hostile land

Flush with treasure

By Truth’s measure

Sought with thanks in hand


And there within the skies

For even dust reflects God’s light

Was heaven’s lead

For The Great Need

Shining in the night


Boundless Wealth lay beating softly

Waiting to be held

In broken lives

Where wounds deprive

And where the humble dwelled  


Unexpected nearness hid the Gift

Of the Most High

Laid in a bed

Of daily bread

And many passed Him by


But nearer crept those gathered

From far corners of the earth

Where each could stand

Equally grand

Upon Messiahs birth


Now, true, the essence of the Lord

Had always been at hand

As each made thing

Is made to bring

Us into His good plan


As kindness, joy, endurance, help

Power that heals division

And warmth and air

And love laid bare

Embody His provision


So too, compassion, faith, trials

And empathy in mourning

Forgiveness, trust

And mercy must

Be signs of His adoring


But there!  The Incarnate, in a child

Just as it was foretold!

Could He indwell

Their lives as well

From this Divine threshold?


Abundant Goodness woven into flesh

Might mean they, too

Could have their skin

Be woven in

To Ageless Life anew


Silent, still, and mesmerized

Eternal Life was found!

They’d seen the face

Of peace and grace

I AM was on their ground!


The tender, perfect Holiness

Which quenched their desperate void

Was found amidst

The plain eclipsed

By hearts now overjoyed


Perfectly aligned

Under the God-revealing light

Creation bowed

Greatly endowed

With salvation’s delight


As passage leads to passage

So the  next scriptures will score

The prize is God

In now’s façade

That we would know Him more


Rejoice!  He comes to us through

The Illuminated Way

That Life in full

Could meet our soul

Each ordinary day


And as we journey toward the Hope

Beyond Earth’s gripping spell

May our prayers be

For eyes to see

Love’s present Noel

One thought on “Nativity

  1. Natalie – I am very proud of you for this Nativity endeavor. A year in the making, with a honing and focusing on the definition of Nativity: Gospel – the Good news that God is presently persuing us. I love reading the shaped words of your experience and perspective of God and life. Thanks for seeking the Truth and sharing your journey. LP

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