Me Demons

Beware of “Me” demons, magnetic and clingy

Contagious, burgeoning, justified and sneaky

They smother the truth and obscure it with sin

And cover the place where light likes to come in

They press into sadness and go undeterred

In the doubt and entitlement shaping our world

They posture and grandstand, and all it will do

Is turn up the noise of your “Me” demons, too

That thing that I’m good at, that gift I’ve been given

They let it sustain me, by it I am driven

Oh, they’ll find a way to make self-satisfaction

My number one, central, enslaving attraction

They bother me so! Should I keep them inside

Where the other temptations and selfish thoughts hide?

Perhaps I confess my thoughts to another?

And expose the places where these demons hover?

But I’m drowning in kids, I’m busy this season

Now, what was I doing? And what was my reason?

My focus, so finite, each new start, derailed

And my, what a marvelous color on my nails

The solution that says “Just do X, Y, and Z”

Tells me I rescue, I save, yes, me me me me

The time that is wasted, the life that is lost

They try to convince me “It’s no real great cost”

There is hope for sure (though hope’s tempting to hate)

If we humbly offload our agendas and wait

O, wretched demons!  I long to be free

But I’m caught up by wonder and worry for Me

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