Love Searches for Us

“Where are you?”

It was His first utterance after His creation had indulged in the idea of self-sufficiency.  “Where are you?” God asked the ones who were made in His own image.  “Where are you?” was the first thought of the One who loves—the One who longs to dote on his creation.  “Where are you?” because firstly, God yearns for us. 

God’s second question: “Who told you that you were naked?” as if God’s greatest fear was that his creation might be deceived into thinking it is somehow unlovable.  God has always been the creator and giver of life—not creation itself.  A created thing is always incomplete without its life-source.  But up till this point in Genesis, creation hadn’t seen itself as separate from God.  The reflection of this new reality must have been frightening.  God’s beloved had broken itself off from Him.  Now, it was caught in a world of awareness without discernment, and consequently, creation had come to believe it was surely unable or unfit to receive the one thing that governs all that God is: love.  So it hid.

Who told you that you were naked?” so that in our answer, we could hear ourselves confess that it certainly wasn’t God telling us the lies that we ought to remain hidden.  But now that we are fallen prey to the Father of Lies, we have been coerced into thinking we ought to run anywhere except to the only One who can restore us.  Who is telling us this?  As if in naming it, its power might be loosened.

God aches to relate with us without interference.  Is any part of us capable without Him?   His intent has always been completion and wholeness—the definition of “perfection”.  Like Him!  He is the one who designed our needs; can anything else fulfill them? 

In the story of the perfect beginning and then the fall, we see two states of the unchanging God: He is either completing us, or He is searching for us. 

Are we seeing our incompletion as an insult to our flesh instead of a place for God’s glorious completion?  If so, where are we hiding?  In our ignorance?  Our striving egos?  Our finger-pointing?  Our shame?  Our plans?  Our circumstance?  Our talent?  Doubt?  Fear? 

Come out!  Let yourself be found!

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