The following contains hijacked, manipulated amalgamations of the Bible’s descriptions of God in the Psalms, Jeremiah, 2 Peter, Colossians, Ezekiel, The Beatitudes in Matthew, Revelations, 1 Corinthians…  Reader beware!  Artistic liberties have been taken.  Decipher truth for your own self J.


I am the One who knows you. 

I am in this moment, while I am also in all moments.  I am the beginning, the end, and I am the help along the way.

I am in the spirit worlds, the academic worlds, the underworld, and the heavens.  I am their Creator.

I am in the plans gone wrong, the plans gone right, the plans you don’t know about. I am the plan. 

I am the Word that speaks all things into being, and all things are for my purpose.

I am your leader through the darkness and in the light.

I am yours completely if you believe in your complete need for me.

I am comfort in the sadness of your loss.

I am sweet abundance when you wait patiently for me.

I am wholeness when you seek the things of me wholly.

I am the measure of your mercy.

I am known by you who seek no others.

I am your Father, for you who unite my family and manifest my likeness.

I am your inheritance as you encounter affliction in pursuit of me.

I am where you will make space for me.

I am in the hidden places with the other gods, who I will topple, because I am the Lord your God.

I am all things and I am One thing, as you can be one as all, and all things to all people. 

I am sending you like sheep among the wolves, and I am wisdom, I am boldness.  

I am the one who swings the sword before you.

I am with you always.  Fear not! 

I am gathering you and bringing you back, even from the greatest distances, to the land I intended for you—the Kingdom that is, as I am.

I am visible in the places of your humility.

I am your need and your fulfillment.

I am the need beyond your desire.

I am, so that you might know who I am.

I am the love that makes all things possible.

I am the love that waits for you.

I am ready to run to you.

I am your gentle prodding, I am your will for obedience, I am your illumination, I am your comprehension, I am your courage, I am your offering, I am your forgiveness, I am what rises from the dead.

I am the only way to the only truth.

I am life.

I am the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is here.

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